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The Wild Haired Child

Top of the Morning Whipped Sugar Scrub

Top of the Morning Whipped Sugar Scrub

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Morning person or not, everyone has their own routine to get their day started. This scent is for those who love a cup of ambition, a little smoke, and a dab of fragrance to face the day.

Scented with:

  • Colombian coffee
  • Cuban tobacco
  • Amber
Our 4oz Whipped Sugar Scrubs are made with foaming bath whip to provide a gentle cleansing, while white cane sugar exfoliates. Luxurious unrefined cocoa and shea butters will moisturize and soften your skin. Whipped sugar scrubs can be used as a hand scrub, or they can take your shower routine to the next level as a whole-body scrub!
These sugar scrubs are gently exfoliating, and contain half the amount of sugar of a typical scrub. There is only a slight foaming effect due to all the moisturizing butters they contain. 

Directions for Use: Remove a small amount of sugar scrub with clean dry hands or scoop, wet skin, and apply scrub to desired area in gentle circular motions for best results. Rinse immediately and pat dry. Use as a hand scrub or a full body scrub.

*Not recommended for use on the face* - While all of our ingredients are natural and safe for the skin, we do not recommend using this scrub on the face as sugar can be too harsh of an exfoliant for the sensitive skin of the face. If you do choose to use this scrub on your face, please be cautious and scrub gently, and discontinue use on the face if irritation occurs.

Ingredients: Foaming bath whip, unrefined cocoa butter, unrefined shea butter, white cane sugar, fragrance, mica powder

*Warning* - Avoid contact with eyes. Rinse eyes immediately if contact occurs and seek medical help if irritation persists. Be cautious of handling glass jar with wet hands. Do not bring glass jar into shower or bath. Do not allow water to get inside jar. This scrub contains no preservatives.

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